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Our range consists of different types of products including degreasers, pickling agents, detergents, sanitizers etc. for the treatment of metal and plastic surfaces, formulated and manufactured entirely at our Italian headquarters.

Thanks to in-house production, we can control all steps of the production process, ensuring the highest quality of products. In addition, all outgoing products are sampled and tested by our in-house Laboratory, which checks and certifies their quality.

All our products and services are designed to provide greater efficiency in industrial activities and processes, with the aim of optimizing consumption and reducing costs.


The solutions we offer for industrial water treatment, aim to reduce environmental impact and optimize waste disposal costs for industries. All our solutions are studied with the customer, after thorough analysis of the water used.

By combining our high-quality chemicals with

technological machinery we can purify and filter polluted water

coming from booths and automatic painting machines

improving process efficiency and reducing costs for the

sludge disposal.

Chemie Acque

Some facts about us

We provide our clients with technology, support and training by helping

companies to secure, improve, simplify and optimize processes

production to achieve important goals in terms of economic and

operational efficiency.

Liters of water saved​
Controlled machinery
Hours of laboratory analysis
Hours of training courses
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